Orange Tunisia SIM Card is a well-known supplier for local tourists in need of a mobile data plan for their device while they are visiting the country. Information about utilizing Orange SIM Card and eSIM when visiting Tunisia is available in this guide. It provides all the information you require to activate a Orange SIM or eSIM plan when traveling across the nation. You may use this all-inclusive guide to learn all there is to know about utilizing Orange SIM and eSIM cards when visiting Tunisia.

Orange Tunisia SIM Card and eSIM

I. Quick Facts about Orange

Orange Tunisia (branded as Orange) is the second largest telecommunications company in Tunisia. It is a subsidiary of the French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange S.A. Here are some quick facts about this brand: 

  • Established: May 2010 (rebranding from Tunisie Télécom)
  • Branding name: Orange
  • Services provided: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE mobile networks, mobile broadband, fixed broadband ADSL, fixed telephony
  • Number of subscribers: Over 6 million (2022)
  • Number of stores: 130+ Orange shops across Tunisia
  • Customer service: Available by phone, online chat, social media, and in stores
  • Awards: Best Mobile Operator and Fastest Mobile Network awards at World Communication Awards in 2021
Orange Tunisia SIM Card for Tourists
Orange Tunisia

II. Why Orange When You’re Exploring Tunisia – Coverage and Speed

Orange is a great choice for staying connected during your travels in Tunisia thanks to its extensive network coverage and fast speeds.

Orange Coverage in Tunisia

Orange Tunisia Coverage map
Orange Tunisia Coverage map. Source:

Orange Tunisia has built a massive mobile network infrastructure that covers the whole nation. Over 90% of Tunisians are now covered by 3G services, while over 95% of those residing in over 300 localities may now use 4G/LTE networks.

Major cities and coastal regions enjoy near-complete indoor and outdoor 4G access within major buildings and along roads. More remote southern and central areas are also well-connected due to Orange’s network of towers, ensuring communities in places like Kairouan, Tataouine and Tozeur stay plugged in.

Orange Speed

Based on OpenSignal statistics, Orange’s 4G LTE network offers fast mobile internet with average download speeds of 20 Mbps and upload rates of 10 Mbps. Streaming, online surfing, utilizing applications, and VoIP conversations via data are all made possible by this speed. Orange keeps spending money on network enhancements to provide customers an even better experience.

III. Orange Connectivity Options for Travelers to Tunisia

There are a few different options for getting Orange service during your travels in Tunisia:

Connectivity Options

Option Pros Cons
Buying Orange SIM Card Convenient, affordable, fast activation Need to buy local currency, risk of theft/damage
Using Pocket WiFi Rental Shared connection, battery powered, secure Extra device to carry, limited data amounts
Roaming on Home Network Use your existing number and plan features Expensive, subject to roaming limits

Buying a local Orange Tunisia SIM card is usually the most practical and cost-effective option for most travelers wanting seamless connectivity in Tunisia. Pocket Wifi rentals and roaming can supplement your primary Orange SIM as needed.

IV. Best Orange SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Orange offers a range of prepaid SIM card options suitable for tourists visiting Tunisia:

Orange Tunisia SIM Data/Validity Cost (USD)
Starter SIM 3 TND credit 0.90
Jour 1 Day SIM 1GB/1 day 3.00
Jour 3 Days SIM 3GB/3 days 4.50
Semaine SIM 10GB/7 days 6.00
15 Jours SIM 15GB/15 days 9.00
Mois SIM Unlimited calls/texts, 25GB/30 days 15.00

For the 10GB allowance, 7 day validity period and competitive $6 price point, the Semaine Orange SIM plan strikes the best balance of value, duration and affordability for most tourists on short vacations in Tunisia. It ensures internet access throughout without overspending.

V. Does Orange Support eSIM in Tunisia?

Yes, Orange launched eSIM support in Tunisia in early 2022 for compatible iPhone and Android devices.

Some key benefits of using Orange eSIM include:

  • No need to find and insert a physical SIM card
  • Ability to activate service before arriving in Tunisia
  • Flexibility to change plans remotely
  • Run dual SIMs with your regular SIM and Orange eSIM

However, eSIM availability from Orange is still limited in Tunisia. Getting a standard Orange SIM card is a much simpler process currently. But eSIM adoption is increasing quickly.

VI. Where can You Buy a Orange SIM and eSIM?

Where to Buy Orange Tunisia SIM card?

You can easily purchase an Orange Tunisia SIM card from the following locations:

  • Orange branded store – There are over 130 Orange shops across Tunisia
Buying Orange Tunisia SIM card at Store
Buying Orange Tunisia SIM card at Store
  • Orange kiosks Airport
  • Authorized Orange resellers – Many convenience stores, mobile shops
  • Online – Purchase and courier delivery globally

When buying in-person, you'll need to show your passport and pay in Tunisian Dinar (cash or card). Buying online requires international card payment.

Where to Buy Orange eSIM in Tunisia?

  • Online via the Orange Tunisia website: Orange sells eSIM profiles directly that can be activated remotely. Plans start at 10 TND for 1GB valid 7 days. Requires Tunisian ID/address for registration.
  • At Orange Tunisia stores: Major Orange stores in main cities like Tunis sell physical eSIM cards that come pre-loaded with data-only plans. Easier than online activation if visiting in person.

Your best option is using an eSIM provider that offers prepaid Orange Tunisia plans remotely on eSIM for tourists. You can easily activate it before arrival and have cellular data immediately upon landing.

One of top eSIM providers offering Orange eSIM data packages is Tunisia eSIM

Tunisia eSIM plans
Tunisia eSIM plans

VII. How to Activate Orange Tunisia SIM card/eSIM?

How to Use Orange Tunisia SIM Card?

Activating your Orange Tunisia SIM card is quick and easy:

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card
  4. Set up APN settings.
  5. Check your services.

You are all set to start using your Orange Tunisia SIM for calls, texts, and internet!

How to Activate Orange eSIM?

To start using your Orange Tunisia eSIM:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

For step-by-step setup guides based on your phone model, refer to:

VIII. Tunisia Orange Call & SMS Rates

Orange prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs provide low rates for national calls and texting:

Call & SMS Rates

Call/SMS Type Rate (TND) Equivalent Rate (USD)*
Call to Orange TN Mobile 0.150 TND/min ~$0.05/min
Call to other TN operators 0.200 TND/min ~$0.07/min
Call to int'l landlines 1 TND/min+ ~$0.35/min+
Call to int'l mobiles 2 TND/min+ ~$0.70/min+
Call to satellite networks 2 TND/min ~$0.70/min
SMS to Orange TN 0.100 TND/SMS ~$0.035/SMS
SMS to other TN operators 0.150 TND/SMS ~$0.05/SMS
International SMS 0.500 TND/SMS+ ~$0.175/SMS+

For international calls, rates start from 0.600 DT per minute to Zone 1 countries like Europe. Check Orange website for full international calling rates.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Orange Tunisia SIM card/eSIM

Check your Orange account, recharge and enable services using these handy USSD codes:

  • *122# – Check number, balance & validity
  • *130*RechargeCode# – Recharge / top-up credit
  • *135*4# – Check data balance\n- *123*4# – Activate mobile internet
  • *100# – Check voicemail

X. How to Top-up Orange Tunisia SIM card/eSIM

You have several ways to add more credit / recharge your Orange prepaid SIM or eSIM:

  • Buy top-up card from Orange store, kiosk or retailer. Dial *130*14-digit code# to redeem.
  • Online top-up via Orange website/app using international credit/debit card
  • Mobile top-up from another Tunisian number via SMS or USSD

Top up cards come in various amounts from 10 DT to 100 DT. For automatic top-ups, set up auto-recharge on the Orange app.

XI. FAQs about Orange Tunisia

Does Orange offer monthly plans?

Yes, Orange has monthly postpaid plans but these require a Tunisian residence permit to sign up as a permanent customer. Tourists can only get prepaid service.

What speeds does Orange 4G provide?

Orange 4G LTE provides download speeds averaging 45 Mbps, suitable for heavy usage. 3G speeds are around 15 Mbps.

Does Orange SIM work in other North African countries?

Yes, Orange has presence in Morocco, Egypt, and other neighboring countries so your Tunisia SIM will roam. But roaming rates are very expensive so best to get local SIM.

How long is Orange SIM card valid for?

Orange prepaid SIM validity is 120 days. As long as you top up, the SIM will remain active. For tourists, can request 6 month validity.

XII. Final Words

An Orange Tunisia SIM card or eSIM is a great connectivity option for staying in touch during your travels across Tunisia.

Consider Tunisia eSIM with wide coverage, fast speeds, and low rates – Tunisia eSIM makes it convenient to use your phone hassle-free as you explore this amazing country.