Visiting Tunisia and looking to stay connected? A local SIM card or eSIM from Tunisie Telecom would be your best bet.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting a Tunisie Telecom SIM or eSIM in Tunisia:

Tunisie Telecom SIM Card and eSIM

I. Quick facts about Tunisie Telecom

Here are some quick facts about Tunisie Telecom: 

  • Founded: 1884
  • Subscribers: As of 2022, Tunisie Telecom has over 8 million mobile subscribers, accounting for around 40% of Tunisia’s mobile market share.
  • Services provided: Its mobile networks operate on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, Tunisie Telecom offers a full range of connectivity services including DSL, Fiber, Mobile, Telephony, IPTV, Data Center and Cloud Services.
  • Tunisie Telecom is guided by the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Transition.
Tunisie Telecom - Among top Mobile Operators in Tunisia
Tunisie Telecom

II. Tunisie Telecom Coverage and Speed in Tunisia

Tunisie Telecom coverage in Tunisia

Tunisie Telecom Coverage map
Tunisie Telecom Coverage map. Source:

Tunisie Telecom has the best mobile coverage in Tunisia, covering around 90% of the population with its 4G/LTE network.

4G/LTE is available in most major cities and tourist areas including Tunis, Sousse, Hammamet, Djerba and Monastir. 3G fills in the gaps quite well.

In rural areas, you’ll mostly get EDGE/2G but their network reaches extensively across the country. Data speeds on 2G are still usable.

Tunisie Telecom speed

Download Speed Experience - Tunisie Telecom SIM Card
Download Speed Experience

Tunisie Telecom 4G speeds average around 20-30 Mbps down in most places. This is fast enough for HD video streaming, video calls and mobile gaming.

Their 3G network gives speeds of around 3-5 Mbps, still reasonably fast for basic internet use.

2G EDGE is only up to 200 kbps but remains surprisingly usable for messaging, emails, maps and simple web browsing.

III. Tunisie Telecom connectivity options for travelers to Tunisia

As a tourist visiting Tunisia, you have two options to get connected on the Tunisie Telecom network:

Connectivity Options

Option Pros Cons
TT SIM Card Easy access to local network Need local currency for top-ups
Affordable call/data rates Risk of theft/loss of SIM
Pocket WiFi Portable hotspot for multiple devices Extra device to carry
Limited data allocations
Roaming on home network Use existing number/plan Very expensive roaming charges
Data limits apply

So in summary, the wide coverage, affordable rates, easy acquisition and simple plans of a TT SIM provide the most hassle-free and cost-effective connectivity solution for tourists traveling throughout Tunisia.

IV. Best Tunisie Telecom SIM cards for tourists & cost

These are the best Tunisie Telecom SIM card options for tourists to Tunisia:

TT SIM Card Allowances Validity Period Approximate Cost (USD)
Starter SIM 5 TND airtime N/A ~$1.50
Easy+ SIM 5 TND airtime, 500MB data 7 days $3
Easy+ Data SIM 1GB data 7 days $4.50
Day Pass SIM 1GB data, 100 minutes, unlimited texts 1 day $4.50
Weekly Data SIM 3GB data 7 days $9
Premium SIM 10GB data, unlimited calls/texts 30 days $15

The Premium SIM is ideal for extended multi-week trips. While the Easy+ SIM suffices for short weekend getaways. But the Weekly Data plan at $9 is a cost-effective primary option catering to most mainstream tourist requirements and durations.

V. Does Tunisie Telecom support eSIM?

Yes, Tunisie Telecom launched eSIM support in October 2022 for both prepaid and postpaid accounts.

To use a Tunisie Telecom eSIM, you’ll need an unlocked phone with eSIM capability like newer iPhones, Pixels or Samsungs.

Tunisie Telecom eSIMs provide the same great connectivity as their physical SIMs. Just more convenient by downloading a profile digitally.

VI. Where can you buy a Tunisie Telecom SIM card and eSIM?

Where to buy Tunisie Telecom SIM for Tunisia

Tunisie Telecom SIM cards are sold widely across Tunisia at their stores, dealers and kiosks:

  • Tunusie Telecom stores and franchises
Buying Tunisie Telecom SIM card at Store
Buying Tunisie Telecom SIM card at Store
  • Airport kiosks on arrival
Getting Tunisie Telecom SIM Card at Airport
Getting Tunisie Telecom SIM Card at Airport

Bring your passport when purchasing a SIM card. Top-ups can be done online or offline.

Where to buy Tunisie Telecom eSIM

To get a Tunisie Telecom eSIM, you’ll need to:

  • Download their Mobilis app on your phone (iOS or Android)
  • Register/verify with your passport details
  • Activate an eSIM through the app and pay by credit card

Currently, their eSIM service is only available via the app. Make sure your phone supports eSIM before travelling.

VII. How to activate Tunisie Telecom SIM/eSIM

Activating a new Tunisie Telecom SIM or eSIM is fast and easy:

How to use Tunisie Telecom SIM card

  • Insert SIM and turn on phone.
  • Select preferred language.
  • Accept terms to activate.
  • Enter top-up voucher code or refill online.
  • You’re now ready to use the SIM!

How to activate Tunisie Telecom eSIM

  • Install Tunisie Telecom Mobilis app
  • Choose eSIM option and register your details
  • Verify identity with passport scan
  • Pay for plan by credit card on app
  • Activation is done digitally over-the-air

VIII. Tunisie Telecom Call & SMS rates

Tunisie Telecom has affordable prepaid rates for calls and texts to local and international numbers:

Call & SMS Rates

Call/SMS Type Rate (TND) Equivalent Rate (USD)*
Calls to TT Mobile 0.150 TND/min ~$0.05/min
Calls to other TN operators 0.200 TND/min ~$0.07/min
Calls to TN landlines 0.150 TND/min ~$0.05/min
Calls to int'l mobiles 1 TND/min+ ~$0.35/min+
Calls to int'l landlines 1 TND/min+ ~$0.35/min+
SMS to TT numbers 0.100 TND ~$0.035/SMS
SMS to other TN operators 0.150 TND ~$0.05/SMS
International SMS 0.500 TND+ ~$0.175/SMS+

Packages with free minutes and texts are available on higher value recharges. Calling over data apps like WhatsApp is suggested for international calls.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Tunisie Telecom SIM/eSIM

Check your Tunisie Telecom prepaid balance and settings with these handy USSD codes:

  • *150# – Check balance
  • *135# – Remaining data balance
  • *100# – Activate data pack
  • *123# – Deactivate data
  • *124# – Check data usage

Dial the codes directly on your phone dial pad and hit call/send.

X. How to top-up Tunisie Telecom SIM/eSIM

You have several ways to recharge your Tunisie Telecom SIM card or eSIM:

  • Voucher – Buy top-up cards from stores and dealers. Available from 3 TND to 100 TND.
  • Online – Recharge using credit/debit card on their website or app.
  • OTT Apps – Use PayPal on mobile top-up apps like Ding.

Once topped up, you can purchase a data pack or bundle from the menu. No need to swap SIMs when you refill.

XI. Alternatives to Tunisie Telecom

  • Ooredoo – The largest mobile operator with over 9 million subscribers. Offers good 4G coverage across major areas. Known for competitive data-heavy plans.
  • Orange – The second largest operator with strong nationwide 3G/4G networks. Popular for affordable short-term plans targeted at tourists and travelers.
  • Tunisia eSIM – An increasingly attractive option for tourists visiting Tunisia. With Tunisia eSIM, travelers can conveniently pre-purchase data packages before their trip without worrying about procuring a physical SIM card upon arrival.

Let’s see their plans:

Tunisia eSIM plans
Tunisia eSIM plans

XII. FAQs about Tunisie Telecom in Tunisia

Can I use VoLTE on Tunisie Telecom?

Yes, Tunisie Telecom has fully launched VoLTE for high-definition voice calls over 4G. Just ensure your phone supports VoLTE on their bands.

Does Tunisie Telecom SIM work in roaming?

No, Tunisie Telecom currently doesn’t offer prepaid roaming. You’ll need a separate roaming SIM card abroad.

How long is Tunisie Telecom SIM card valid for?

The SIM card expires after 6 months of no recharge. To extend validity, just top-up occasionally. Data packs are valid 1-7 days based on amount.

Is Tunisia getting 5G coverage?

Not yet, but Tunisie Telecom and Ooredoo both plan to launch 5G services commercially by 2023-2024. Good 4G speeds still available now.

XIII. Final words

A Tunisie Telecom SIM card or eSIM provides fast, reliable connectivity across Tunisia. Their prepaid plans are well-priced for data, calls and texts. 4G speeds are quick for streaming and downloads.

Consider Tunisia eSIM to give you the best mobile network experience in Tunisia as a visitor.