Managing your cell phone costs while traveling internationally is key to enjoying your trip. If you’ll be visiting beautiful Tunisia, it’s important to understand how roaming charges work locally.

This guide covers the ins and outs of roaming charges in Tunisia, compares carrier rates to other options, and provides tips to help control mobile costs during your trip. By reviewing this information before your travels, you can confidently explore all Tunisia has to offer without bill shock when you return home.

Roaming in Tunisia

I. Understand Data Roaming in Tunisia

Are you planning to visit Tunisia from another country? it’s important to understand how roaming works in Tunisia. When you roam, you use your phone on a foreign wireless network instead of your local network in your country, allowing you to make calls, send text messages, or use data usage abroad. 

Roaming charges in Tunsisa refer to the additional fees mobile users may be charged by their home service provider for using their phone to make calls, send texts, or use data during their trip to Tunisia. 

Roaming almost always incurs higher costs compared to using a local SIM card. There are three types of roaming charges to be aware of when using your phone in Tunisia:

  • Call charges

Making calls from your phone to any number (local or international) will be charged at a premium roaming rate, often several times more expensive than standard call charges. Rates average around $2-3/min for calls.

  • Data charges

Using mobile data or tethering/hotspots abroad will incur large roaming data fees. Rates are typically $5-10/GB of data. It’s advisable to turn off cellular data to avoid bill shock.

  • Text/SMS charges

Sending SMS messages from your phone when abroad also attracts roaming charges of around $0.80-$1.20 per message sent or received. It’s best to use messaging apps instead over WiFi to avoid SMS charges.

II. Roaming Charges in Tunisia

Getting useful information about roaming costs in Tunisia will help you save your data budget. Here are some things you need to consider:

1. How to Check Roaming Charge Before Your Travel to Tunisia?

To stay in touch with friends and family and find the best places to go on one side, yet on the other side, huge roaming charges can build up on a low-budget trip.

Contact Your Carrier

You can find out about your roaming charges in Tunisia by consulting your mobile operator for more information. They will guide you on specific call rates, data, and text message fees that will be charged under your international plan while in Tunisia.

Three roaming charges checker - Tunisia.
Three roaming charges checker – Tunisia.

Research applicable roaming fees

Do not forget to research their website or online resources for details on specific fees for voice calls, text messages, and data usage when arriving in Tunisia. 

The information is often quite detailed, so choose any of the discounted roaming packages or consider those with reasonable daily rates to save your data budget.

Contact customer service directly

If you are still unsure about transfer charges or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your carrier’s customer service hotline. 

They can provide you personalized advice and recommend suitable packages as well as update you with the latest promotional information.

2. Roaming Charge in Tunisia by UK Mobile Operators

Traveling to Tunisia with a UK SIM card can be convenient, but roaming charges can add up quickly. Here’s a breakdown of estimated costs for major UK mobile operators:

UK Mobile OperatorCallTextsData
Vodafone UK$2.40/minute
$0.42 per text

EE$2.4 /minute$1.2 per text$9/MB
Talkmobile$2.4/minute$1.2per text$9/MB

👉 Note: These rates may change at any time, it is important to check with your carriers for the most up-to-date information.

Roaming charges in Tunisia can be significant, so it’s better to research your mobile operator’s rates and consider other options such as international roaming packages or alternative solutions to minimize these charges.

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Tunisia

Unexpected fees for using your phone abroad can be an unpleasant shock after your trip to Tunisia. Here are the best three ways to avoid roaming fees and maintain a smooth internet connection during your travels.

1. Buy an eSIM from

The #1 Tunisia eSIM provider – offers diverse eSIM plans for any traveling goals with affordable prices. Our eSIMs work on most major phone brands and provide fast 4G/5G coverage nationwide in Tunisia.

Find the best options for your trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Tunisia eSIM 7 Days Plan
Tunisia eSIM 7 Days Plan
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Tunisia eSIM 15 Days Plan
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Tunisia eSIM 30 Days Plan
Tunisia eSIM 30 Days Plan
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  • Best of all, once activated you avoid all roaming charges since you’ll be using a domestic Tunisia network.
  • Setup is easy – just scan the QR code to install the plan on your device.
  • Some key benefits include instant delivery, no need to swap physical SIM cards, and flexibility to change plans if needed.
  • For hassle-free connectivity during your whole trip, is the top recommendation.

2. Buy a local Tunisia SIM card

Visitors can get a local SIM card to avoid roaming charges due to its cost-effectiveness. SIM Cards are sold popularly at the airport or nationwide in Tunisia.

Are you going to Tunisia soon? Don't miss out on important communications or getting directions on the go. 

Check our guide Best Tunisia SIM Card for Tourists to get more useful tips!

3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

If your phone supports WiFi Calling, make sure to enable this feature before traveling. Then you can make calls and texts over any available WiFi connection without incurring voice or SMS roaming charges.

IV. FAQs about Roaming in Tunisia

Will my phone work in Tunisia?

Yes, if it’s unlocked and supports Tunisia’s 4G/3G frequencies. Check bands with your operator.

How can I control roaming costs?

Consider using an eSIM or a local SIM card for a fast and reliable connection. With these options, visitors don’t need to care about the data costs.

What networks provide the best roaming coverage?

Orange and Ooredoo have nationwide networks for reliable roaming access.

What are roaming charges?

Roaming charges are fees that wireless carriers charge when you use your phone outside your home country. This includes making calls, sending texts, and using data.

V. Conclusion

Navigating data roaming in Tunisia can be a challenge, but with the right preparation and strategies, you can stay connected without breaking the bank. By understanding roaming charges, researching your mobile provider’s rates, and exploring options like eSIMs, local SIM cards, and WiFi calling, you can enjoy your trip to Tunisia while minimizing the impact of roaming costs on your budget.

Enjoy exploring Tunisia Let me know if any other questions come up.